Best jewelry stores in Bali

1. John Hardy – Since the 1970s, Bali has been home to the luxury jewellery company John Hardy. They are experts in creating custom jewellery with traditional Balinese design components. They provide free shipping throughout the world, custom design services, and jewellery repair and restoration.


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2. Tulola Jewellery – Tulola Jewellery is a cutting-edge jewellery collection that fuses cutting-edge design with age-old Balinese traditions. They provide lifetime warranties on their items, custom design services, and free shipping within Indonesia.


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3. Suarti – Since the 1980s, the family-run jewellery company Suarti has been doing business in Bali. They provide a large selection of handcrafted silver jewellery, including classic Balinese styles. They offer free international shipping, customization options, and lifetime product warranties.

4. Jemme Jewellery – A boutique jewellery shop, Jemme Jewellery offers a variety of fine jewellery, including diamonds, precious stones, and pearls. In addition to bespoke design services and a one-year warranty on their products, they provide free shipping within Bali.


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5. Chez Monique – Chez Monique is a jewellery retailer with a focus on one-of-a-kind and distinctive items of jewellery. They provide lifetime warranties on their products, free shipping within Bali, and customising services.

6. Monsieur Blonde – Are we at a traditional Parisian jewellery store or are we in Bali, where one of the hottest island-based businesses is being exhibited? The moment you enter Monsieur Blonde, you are immersed in a chic and feminine setting with shining golds, silvers, and gemstones. This is matched by a selection of delicate underwear that perfectly captures the classic and refined French style. Let’s not overlook the jewellery, though. With its French heritage and fine Oriental and East Asian antique jewels, Monsieur Blonde’s handmade jewellery line fuses classic styles with modern flair. The result is just amazing.


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7. Ananda Soul – The jewellery company Ananda Soul was founded in Ubud with the goal of enhancing women’s beauty. It was motivated by a strong affection and respect for women. The founder, Christina Zipperlen, set out to create jewellery that serves as a constant reminder of a woman’s beauty, courage, and knowledge. But Ananda Soul doesn’t stop there. In addition, they look for recycled, sustainable, and low-impact materials to use in their exquisite rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. They also support their neighbourhood and treat their employees like family. This is the pinnacle of positive jewelery.

8. Popular Bali-based company Luna & Rose puts sustainability and zero-waste in the forefront of all its goods. Their magnificent line of necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, charms and earrings are handcrafted in Bali by local artists utilising recycled silver in a closed-loop manufacturing process. Furthermore, their packaging is compostable, and their Berawa boutique also sells adorable t-shirts, scarves, and wallets made of natural plant fibres and organic cotton. Not to mention how gorgeous each piece by Luna & Rose is! High-quality chains and hoops with elaborate Bohemian-chic accents are used. The stack rings and necklaces go well together, but you can also wear them separately for a more delicate appearance. We really can’t help ourselves; we want one of everything.


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9. Sunaka Jewellery – Sunaka, which comes from Celuk, a well-known Balinese village famed for its long-standing gold and silver workmanship, is regarded as one of Bali’s top jewellery brands. Sunaka creates exquisite silver and gold jewellery that honours Bali’s ancestors by mixing traditional and modern techniques with inspiration from Balinese culture and environment. The end result is a collection of gorgeous works that you’ll want to display at every special occasion.


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10. Erika Pea – If you haven’t heard of Erika Pea, you need to stop hiding under your rock. Erika has worked with famous people like Rhianna and Beyoncé, and her jewellery line has been featured in InStyle and Vogue. Her signature fringe earrings, which reflect Erika’s varied cultural heritage and merge an ethereal flair with a modern bohemian aesthetic, are the reason why her designs are so well-liked. Everywhere in the world, fashion connoisseurs appreciate her jewellery designs.

11. Anna Michielan – Anna Michielan’s store is the ideal place to go if you’re looking for jewellery that inspires you. When you enter the store, you’ll be greeted with a breathtaking 360-degree display of healing crystals and priceless gemstones that are connected by a love of beauty, art, and colour. You can bring a little bit of Bali’s magic home with you thanks to the blessing and energising of every piece of jewellery on the Island of the Gods.

12. Joy Jewellery Bali — This renowned Bali favourite is truly described by its name, Joy. It is a trendy, eye-catching brand with more than just a faint hint of boho playfulness. Owner and designer Jenny de Blecourt handcrafts her pieces using premium 925 Sterling Silver, fusing island styles with her Dutch heritage and exhibiting themes like love, luck, peace, and friendship. Joy Jewellery, which draws its inspiration from Indonesia’s vibrant and enchanted culture, combines pure silver with semi-precious jewels and charms that include angels, hearts, butterflies, Buddhas, and vibrant beads. Such lovely temptations!

13. Gardens of the Sun – Based in Bali, Gardens of the Sun maintains the noble idea that everything that glitters should be guilt-free. They hold the opinion that stunning jewels shouldn’t be purchased at the expense of negative effects. They have done this by developing close bonds with each artisan and participant in their supply chain. They responsibly get their gold by working with artisanal indigenous women miners in Borneo. Each gorgeous piece is then painstakingly handmade in Java, frequently one-of-a-kind, and set with conflict-free diamonds and morally-sound jewels. The company sells a wide selection of guilt-free, glimmering jewellery, such as unique wedding bands, personalised birthstone bracelets, stunning diamond earrings, and engagement rings.


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14. Krystle Knight – From healing crystal necklaces to exquisite rings, Krystle Knight jewellery is ideal for people looking to make a statement with understated and delicate items. Each piece of jewellery is made with pure quartz crystals, premium sterling silver, and brass, and is modelled after the natural beauty of Bali. You will fall in love with the wide selection of handcrafted rings, necklaces, and other pieces that are both distinctive and functional, whether you’re going for a boho or high-end aesthetic. The line was created primarily to utilise clear quartz’s therapeutic properties.

15. LeeLoo Bird – Made entirely by hand in Bali, LeeLoo Bird is a distinctive jewellery line that is adored by people all over the world. The jewellery creations of the company are filled with a free-spirited, adventurous spirit and feature influences from African, Indonesian, French, and Caribbean cultures. Local craftspeople who have worked with the designer since the beginning meticulously make each piece of jewellery by hand while drawing inspiration from nature and other cultures. The “Powerwords” ring, one of the brand’s standout items, can rotate to match your mood, and we can’t get enough of it!

16. Vandaya – Based in Copenhagen and started in Bali, Vandaya is a jewellery company with more than just lovely designs that are inspired by the ocean. Every piece bought supports the company’s goal of restoring coral reefs. A coral restoration project in Northern Bali called Metamorfosa is the recipient of 10% of Vandaya’s income. In addition, the company only employs sustainable and ethical materials, such as repurposed brass, silver, and gold, and it doesn’t use plastic to package its goods. Each piece in this gorgeous collection is inspired by the water and combines tropical and Scandinavian design elements.

17. Suci Jewellery – As indicated by its name “Suci,” which means sacred, holy, and pure, Suci Jewellery was established with the goal of emulating the essence of sacredness, purity, and holiness. The company is committed to making exquisite, wearable jewellery that is made from sustainable materials and imbued with healing spiritual energy. The brand’s classic necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, which channel the ancient vibrational energy of Balinese culture and religion, are suitable for both men and women. Each necklace from Suci Jewellery is painstakingly designed to channel the holy and sacred energy of temples, and each piece is blessed in a Balinese ceremony to bestow upon it the intention to guard, heal, and ground the mind, body, and spirit. We adore everything they make!


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18. Wildthings – Based in Bali, Wildthings makes handcrafted jewellery that is influenced by art, nature, and stunning locales across the world. Their designs are made to bring out the wild side of both strong and kind-hearted women. The jewellery is made by expert Balinese artists from recycled silver and gold that has been obtained ethically. The finished sculptures are edgy, bold, and distinctive and are sure to draw attention.


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